COVID-19 Relief fundraising - Kolkata Foundation

Hope all of you are doing well.

As we are going through trying times with spread of COVID-19 here, our friends, families and fellow citizens back home in Kolkata and India are also fighting their own battle.

Please find below initiative being undertaken by Kolkata Foundation. 


Let's do your part to help their noble cause! We are in this together!!


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For people that don't know much about our organization, below is a quick backdrop. More at



Kolkata Foundation is registered as a US 501c(3) nonprofit and was founded with a couple of simple principles:


1/ To create a global platform for Calcuttans to give back in a systematic, synchronized manner (as opposed to an ad-hoc, individual, disorganized effort), so as to truly make an impact. Our goal is to be the fulcrum for all philanthropic efforts between Kolkata and the rest of the world.


2/ To maximise the impact of donations by finding really good non-profits working on the ground in Kolkata, and monitoring/growing their efforts through our network of volunteers. Help these non-profits grow by improving their operations, providing management guidance, and connecting them with the best in class around the world. 



Kolkata Foundation, works by selecting highly effective, low-overhead, scalable non-profits in Kolkata and working closely with their leadership to scale their impact. We focus on healthcare,

education and women’s empowerment and have selected 3 nonprofits after reviewing nearly 200 (in partnership with a Kolkata-based philanthropic organization) -- all of these selected organizations have a long track of service, a commitment to transparency and governance, and a desire to scale up their impact.



We are led by a credible and experienced team with decades of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors -- our treasurer, Nitin Kotak, retired as the CFO of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, where he oversaw an endowment of over $20 Bln; our Kolkata operations are headed by Somnath Sengupta, who retired as the CFO and Executive Director of Axis Bank, one of India’s largest banks.



Since our founding a little over 2 years ago, Kolkata Foundation has been funding the education of around a thousand children growing up in the suburban slums of Kolkata and has been paying for medicines for nearly 5000 patients each month through RHCF. We also contributed to Cyclone Bulbul relief efforts by running medical camps (also run by RHCF), after the cyclone devastated the lives of over half a million people living in the Sunderbans.